Castagneto dell'Etna

The villa
The ‘Castagneto dell’Etna’ stands amidst the sounds and scents of nature, surrounded by over 1,200 square metres of leafy greenery. In the enchanting atmosphere of the Etna Park, near to the village of Trecastagni, it is the ideal place for a family holiday, or for those who simply want to forget the stress of city life and spend some time in close contact with nature.
The beauty of the area and the splendour of colours and flavours make Trecastagni one of the most characteristic villages on the slopes of Mount Etna.
Structure and services
The pleasant villa has three double rooms, two of which have en-suite bathrooms. The rooms are elegantly furnished, while, at the same time, practical and comfortable. The view is captivating, the room service and breakfast service is friendly and professional, and the staff is always ready to help.
In the charming garden guests can relax in the shade of chestnut trees, or they can enjoy succulent barbecues in natural surroundings.
Other facilities include an internal parking area, in-room cooking facilities, and a cleaning and laundry service.
Your stay will be an unforgettable experience.
The B&B is situated in an excellent starting-off point for visiting all the most interesting tourist sites in eastern Sicily.
Catania, one of the most important towns on the east coast of Sicily as regards population, history and culture, is only 17 kilometres away. Its historic centre is rich in baroque architecture and places linked to the legends surrounding the patron saint, Saint Agatha. Local folklore can be seen in the traditional markets such as the fish market.
Even the small fishing villages such as Aci Trezza, used as a setting by the writer Giovanni Verga, are rich in history. 20 kilometres away, the aquatic amusement park ‘Etnaland’ is open all summer, providing great entertainment for children, and for adults too it is a fun way of spending a summer’s day , watching the happiness of their children as they enjoy swimming and sliding.
To the north, Taormina is only 40 kilometres away . From its main square the panorama is breathtaking by day and even more so by night. It is a fascinating village perched high up on the coastal hills and its centre is crossed by many narrow streets that create a magic atmosphere. It is the venue for the ‘David di Donatello’ awards, and also plays host to other important cinema and theatre events.
Near Taormina, the River Alcantara provides an interesting itinerary. Along its course can be seen the ‘faces carved in stone’ - sandstone monoliths that the wind and rain have eroded until they seem to have taken on almost human forms. The Alcantara Gorge is incomparably beautiful, above all, for its prismatic basalt walls and small waterfalls.
Going south along the Ionian coast you can reach Syracuse, where the air of ancient Greeks and Romans can be breathed, and pastel-coloured sunsets over the adjoining island of Ortigia can be admired.
And, of course, Mount Etna. Excursions are available by jeep and cableway, accompanied by mountain guides, or you can take a tasty picnic and go mushroom-picking, and in the winter season skiing on the volcano can be enjoyed while admiring the sea far below.
Sicily has so many wonders to make you dream, but experiencing them first-hand is so much more.